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Designing Safer Demolition

Demolition Design & Analysis

As construction methods and materials have grown increasingly complex over the years, so has the need for new and more accurate methods of engineering and designing the demolition of such structures. Utilizing its advanced 3-D Nonlinear Dynamic Structural Analysis Tools, ASI Engineers can simulate and optimize controlled collapse and implosion plans before the demolition.

Demolition Design

ASI will work with your team to design a safe and efficient demolition based on your project requirements. Multiple demolition plans can be safely and efficiently evaluated virtually without expending resources on the job-site that might result in loss of life or property.

Ground Vibration Analysis

Propagation of seismic waves created by structural debris in the soil can be studied to determine the potential negative effects of the demolition on neighboring structures and underground infrastructure such as gas pipelines or subways.

Dust Analysis

Dust generated by demolition is a challenging environmental hazard and common nuisance to the local community. This is especially the case for controlled collapse demolitions that can produce a large amount of particulate all at once. ASI can estimate the size, speed, and direction of dust generated by controlled collapse demolitions so you can reduce environmental impacts.

What we Do

Demolition Design, Analysis, & Planning

Utilizing ASI’s unique 3-D Nonlinear Dynamic Structural Analysis Tools based on a new method of structural analysis originally developed at the University of Tokyo, ASI Engineers can simulate and optimize manual deconstruction, controlled collapse and implosion plans in the demolition design phase, before the actual demolition.

Recent Projects

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Let’s Make Demolition Safer

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